Studio Theatre

Bat Boy: The Musical

February / March 2011

Feb. 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27; Mar. 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13

book by Keythe Farley & Brian Flemming

Music & Lyrics by: Laurence O’Keefe

Based on a June 23, 1992 Weekly World News story about a half-boy, half-bat, dubbed “Bat Boy,” found living in a cave.

Ripped from the headlines of The Weekly World News, Bat boy: The Musical tells the amazing story of a strange boy with pointy ears, his struggle to find a place in a world that shuns him, and the love that can create both miracles and madness.

In the late 90s' at the Actors Gang in Los Angeles this exciting take on the story opened and since then has gained a cult following that has left audiences thrilled, exhausted with laughter, stunned and leaving having witnessed this freshest of the contemporary new musicals out there.

"Bat Boy, the Musical" is a story about a defenseless boy trying to find his place in the world, who wants nothing more than be loved. He is a boy with a big need as all of us are. Where do we find our place? Who is really our family? and How is love possible for someone who is different. Despite the ridiculous premise of the story, one can't help but care about Edgar. Although he takes an incredible journey through which he learns to literate, learns to be a part of a community, rebel against injustice; he is also ultimately inherently unfair. Edgar is every great civil rights movement in America and around the world, all wrapped up in one person.

Bat Boy tells a story full of significant messages. It teaches us lessons about the need for tolerance, the harm in prejudice and the danger of jumping to conclusions. Every one of us has experienced some type of prejudice. If we can get beyond what he looks like, we might see a little bit of ourselves in Bat Boy.

Laurence O'Keefe, the lyricist for this absurd story says, "The model that we thought of when we were creating the show was that of scapegoating. There are three reasons for scapegoating: People are or look different, people are weaker, or people are much stronger in a way. We set out to make Bat Boy all three.

Bat Boy is a metaphor for many people in our society who are misplaced and misunderstood’ and I heartily concur. The musical is goofy, it's quirky, it's weird, but it is also tragically truthful. Bat Boy the Musical attempts to teach us, the audience, about what really matters in the theatre — and in life — people, emotion and relationships." Filled with funny splendid songs of every kind and satirical takes on every musical you have probably ever seen. ( I dare you to count how many Musicals are spoofed and how many are referenced)

This show is also a fresh, satiric blast of new theatre. If you've ever watched reality tv, Twilight or any soap opera, you might find some outrageous plots to wrap your head around and beneath it all a show with great warmth and a sense of out-there humor. Open your mind and heart and hold on to your seat. Special thanks to a terrific first rate cast and staff for taking a risk and the ride. So enjoy and don't deny your beast inside. Here comes BAT BOY.

Paul Plain

Used by Permission of Dramatists Play Services

Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00pm and Sundays at 2:00pm

BAT BOY contains adult language and adult situations.
This show is not recommeded for young audiences.